5 Differences between Spikeball vs. Slammo7 min read

Spikeball and Slammo are very similar games that you’ll often find being played on the beach or at outdoor events. The setup and rules of play are more or less the same. Plus, they’re both super fun. That said, anyone that’s going to buy a Spikeball or Slammo set should have a clear understanding of the differences between the two games. This post is going to help you with that.

Here’s a quick comparison chart for those who are pressed for time and need to quickly glance through the main differences and similarities:

  Spikeball Slammo
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Carrying Bag Yes Yes
Ball Quantity 3 3
Ball Quality Thicker and heavier Better bounce
Adjustable Legs Yes No
Training Ball No Yes
Cost $$ $
Availability Available on Amazon Available on Amazon

A Brief History

Both Spikeball and Slammo are roundnet games, with Spikeball being the original. Since the brand could not get a patent on the product, several other companies started coming up with similar equipment. Slammo is one of the leading products inspired by the original Spikeball set and is manufactured by GoSports.

While Slammo has its own set of perks, it still cannot compare to the original when it comes to popularity owing to Spikeball’s appearance on “Shark Tank”. This is probably one of the biggest differences between the two games. Not surprisingly, search queries for “Spikeball” tend to spike dramatically during summers. Even during its lowest months, it still performs a lot better than the term “Slammo.”

The Differences

Now let’s get to the main point – How do the games differ vs. one another? Here are the main ways in which Spikeball differs from Slammo so you’ll know which is better for you:

  1. Spikeball Frame Has Adjustable Legs – This is easily the biggest benefit of buying a Spikeball set and the biggest difference between the two games. It comes with adjustable legs that you can fold and bend as needed.

    Not only does this make the legs more durable, it also gives you more flexibility to play on rough and uneven terrains. So if you ever have trouble finding perfectly flat spots to play roundnet, Spikeball may be the perfect choice.

    On the other hand, the legs on a Slammo frame stand straight up. This makes it difficult to position the net on uneven terrains, and you’ll need a flat surface for proper game play. So there’s a bit of limitation with Slammo when it comes to playing surface and frame flexibility.
  2. Slammo Comes With a Training Ball – This is one of the biggest advantages Slammo has over Spikeball. It comes with a training ball that’s slightly larger than a tournament-size ball. This is great for beginners and kids who are still learning to get used to the game, as it’s much easier to use. This is something that Spikeball has missed and Slammo has capitalized on.
  3. Differences in Ball Quality – Another major difference between Spikeball and Slammo is in the quality of balls that come with each set. As expected of an original and more expensive set, the Spikeball balls are of higher quality. It’s easy to tell even just by holding them. They feel thicker and heavier than Slammo balls. The overall make also seems more durable.

    Image Credit: Elvert Barnes on Flickr

    However, that doesn’t mean we should discredit the Slammo balls altogether because the brand has been making improvements to their balls over the years. They do have a few advantages over the Spikeball balls, which would appeal to some players. Slammo balls have a better bounce and could offer excellent game play. They’re great for beginners and players who prefer more bounce to their roundnet balls.
  4. Cost Differences – Slammo is a cheaper alternative to Spikeball. You can typically get it for $20 to $30 cheaper, which is why a lot of people go for it. Considering how there aren’t drastic quality differences, it’s a great choice if cost is your main concern.

    Some players, however, may not be willing to sacrifice other factors like material quality and foldable legs just to save a few bucks. So it’s up to your individual needs and preferences whether you should consider this factor.
  5. Overall Quality – There’s also some difference in the overall material and build quality of the two sets, although it’s nothing major. Spikeball has a strong and sturdy build with high-quality plastic, which is expected of a pricier set. Although Slammo is also durable, the material is slightly flimsier than the quality of plastic used in the original set.

    So there could be some doubt about its ability to withstand exposure to the elements. If you get a Slammo set, it would be best to store it when not in use instead of leaving it out in the open. There have also been some complaints about the net being difficult to adjust and stretch for proper bounce. This is likely because the clips on the frame are not particularly high in quality.

In summary, while the differences are subtle, with Spikeball you pay a price premium compared to Slammo but you get a higher quality ball and a more versatile and durable frame plus net. Also, Spikeball is generally positioned to be played by the enthusiast or pro and Slammo is more for beginners & amateurs.

The Similarities

Besides the major differences between Spikeball and Slammo, it’s also important to consider some of the things these two games have in common so you can make an informed decision.

One of the main similarities between the two is that they both have a lifetime warranty. This is great for recreational game equipment because they’re likely to get damaged over time. So you’ll be getting your money’s worth regardless of which set you decide to get.

Plus, they both come with carrying bags so you can easily take your roundnet set with you to the beach or on a camping trip. This gives both sets easy portability, which is an essential feature for outdoor recreational games.

Both Slammo and Spikeball come with excellent customer service – a big plus for any product. Besides a quick response time, the two brands also make quick, no-fuss replacements in case of damaged products.

Which is Better?

The big question now, after seeing all the differences and similarities, is which of these two sets is a better option? The answer depends on your individual preferences, requirements, and skill levels.

The original Spikeball set does have a better quality overall but it also costs more. At the same time, you can adjust it for playing on uneven surfaces. The Slammo set may be cheaper, but you may need to slightly compromise on the material quality. However, it’s still an excellent set for beginners and kids because it comes with a training ball.

Here’s our final verdict:

You should get the Spikeball set if:

  • Quality is your biggest concern
  • You want to use balls with a little weight to them
  • You often have to play on rough, uneven surfaces
  • Cost isn’t a big concern to you especially if the quality makes up for it
  • It’s mostly going to be used by advanced roundnet players.

You should get the Slammo set if:

  • Cost is your main concern
  • You want to use balls with a good bounce to them
  • You usually have a flat spot to play on
  • It’s mostly going to be used by beginners and kids.

Bottom Line

While there are several differences between these two roundnet sets, not all of those differences ultimately determine one set’s superiority. Of course the foldable legs of the Spikeball set may give it more advantage. At the same time, the ball quality differences could be good or bad depending on the individual preferences of each player.

So consider all these factors that we’ve carefully collected for you, and make a decision based on what you need and what matters to you. We also have a guide to frequently asked questions in Spikeball if you want to learn more.