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When you’re a serious roundnet player, it’s not enough that you know everything about the history of the game and how to play it. If you’re looking to enhance your skills and play at a competitive level, you’d want to use a kit that offers exceptional game play and can withstand heavy impact. At times, even the classic Spikeball kit may be unable to meet all of your expectations.

To address these needs of serious players, Spikeball Inc. came up with a Pro Kit that’s meant to offer superior game play along with enhanced features. However, this also means that it’s more expensive than the regular kit, so you may be a bit skeptical about investing in it if you’re unsure of just how much better it is.

That’s why we decided to put together a Spikeball Pro Kit review that will help you make an informed decision. In this post, you will get a clear idea of what makes the Pro kit much better than the regular and why you should invest in it.

#1: Enhanced Ball Design Makes for Better Spin

The Pro kit’s most notable feature is that it comes with a set of Pro balls which are designed with tournament use in mind. The Pro balls that come with the tournament edition Spikeball kit have a dimpled texture on the surface.

This added texture gives you a better grip on the ball, and you can put much more spin on it to enhance delivery. It also lets you control your passes more easily for more accuracy. Not surprisingly, these gameplay-enhancing features make them very popular among professional roundnet players and competitive players.

The regular balls, on the other hand, have a smooth surface that are not as easy to grip and control. Although they’re great for casual play, the regular balls may not work so well for competitive players because ball control and delivery is everything to them. 

#2: Stronger Build to Withstand High-Intensity Games

Anyone who’s played roundnet knows just how intense some matches can get even if they’re just between friends. It’s only natural that professional matches will be much more intense than this. There are bound to be some extra hard hits against the net frame, and some overeager players might even end up falling on it while making a dive.

The regular Spikeball kit may not have enough strength to withstand these harsh impacts for long, and you could end up breaking its rims or legs after a while. That’s why Spikeball Inc. made significant improvements to the body strength and overall quality of their Pro kit. Since it’s a tournament edition, it’s built to withstand the level of intensity that you would see in professional play.

The company claims that the legs and rims are 33% stronger than the regular kit. Although we have no way of proving whether that’s an accurate number, we have noticed that the legs and rims do seem sturdier on the Pro kit.

If you watch the video below, you can see that the rims are significantly thicker than the rims on a regular kit. So they are less likely to break even if a player crashes onto them while diving or if a ball bounces against it after an extra hard hit. The legs seem thicker too even from the way they look. They have more weight to them so they feel much heavier and sturdier than the regular kit.

One of the main drawbacks of the regular kit is that the rims and legs are a tad light. So although the kit is suitable for casual play, it could shift after a harder-than-usual hit. Since the Pro kit has some added weight, it won’t be able to move around so much during game play. This means you can play consistently with little disturbance. It’s easy to tell that the Spikeball team has added a lot of reinforcement to make sure these legs and rims hold up well even during high-intensity games.

#3: Small Design Elements with Big Impact

Besides the stronger build and the enhanced ball design, there are a few design elements in the Spikeball Pro Kit that seem insignificant but have a huge impact. It’s very easy to overlook these elements and you may not even notice them at first, but they play a crucial role in enhancing the overall quality of play.  

One of those elements is the color of the legs. Instead of using yellow like they did in the regular kit, they’ve used black. The dark color contrasts against the bright yellow rims, which makes the frame much easier to see in your peripheral vision. This undoubtedly means you’ll be able to spike your ball more accurately.

There’s also an aesthetic benefit to the color of the legs. With roundnet games, there’s a lot of movement that could leave scratches and marks on your roundnet kit. Over time, these scratches will build up and make the kit look worn and damaged.

Since the Pro kit has dark-colored legs, scuffing and scratches are a lot less visible. Although this is a minor factor, it’s definitely a plus point for someone who’s in the market for a Spikeball kit.

Another small but significant element that we really like is the no-slip rubber that coats the legs. This makes it much easier to balance the kit on any surface and ensure that it stays put during high-intensity games. Passionate roundnet players will love this feature because it gives them the freedom to play anywhere no matter how uneven the surface may be.

#4: Valuable Add-Ons

Finally, the Spikeball Pro Kit comes with a bunch of high-value add-ons which make it the most comprehensive Spikeball kit. Here’s what you might like:

  • Ball Pump and Pressure Gauge – The kit includes a ball pump and pressure gauge so you can easily maintain proper air pressure in your Pro balls. This is super convenient in case your ball ever gets inflated in the middle of a game, and we all know how annoying that can be. You can check out our Spikeball FAQs page for more info on inflating your balls.
  • Pro Backpack – Although the other Spikeball kits also come with a drawstring bag, the Pro kit comes with a Pro backpack with enhanced design. This bag has padded shoulder straps so you can carry it more comfortably.
  • Free Tournament Registration – Every Spikeball Pro Kit comes with a free registration to the official Spikeball Roundnet Association Tournament. If you were to register separately, you would have to spend around $40 on this. If you’re a competitive player with an intention to compete in official tournaments, this free registration adds a lot of value.   

So even if the Pro Spikeball Kit costs a bit more than the classic one, remember that you’re not just buying the kit. You’ll be getting quite a few add-ons that add value to your purchase, and you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

Bottom Line

Besides these factors that we’ve highlighted, it goes without saying that the Spikeball Pro Kit also inherits some of the classic kit’s best features. For instance, it too has foldable legs that make the kit easier to store and transport.

It also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty like other Spikeball kits, so you won’t have to worry about broken parts. All of these factors make the Spikeball Pro Kit an excellent investment for any serious and competitive player. You can get it from the official Spikeball website or from Amazon. For more information on where to get a Spikeball Pro Kit, check out our previous post.

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