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Ever been curious about Spikeball history like how the game originated or how it achieved mainstream popularity? Perhaps you might be curious to learn all about the company and the original Spikeball creator. Some of you might even want to understand how it differs from Slammo and which of the two games came first. Whatever questions you might have about the game, you’ll find the answer in this list of popular Spikeball FAQs.  

#1: What is Spikeball?

Spikeball is a game inspired by volleyball but instead of a vertical net, it uses a net that’s laid out horizontally like a trampoline. It is a four-player game in which there are two teams. These players will attempt to bounce a yellow ball off the net and volley it back and forth. The goal is to prevent the opposing team from returning the ball.

#2: How Did Spikeball Start?

Spikeball first began as roundnet and was originally created by Jeff Knurek in 1989. However, his equipment was superseded in the 1990s. Its fame as Spikeball began around 2008 when Spikeball Inc., headed by Chris Ruder, started promoting the game. For more information, check out our Spikeball history post.

#3: How Did Spikeball Become Mainstream?

Most people started learning about Spikeball on “Shark Tank” when the company made their way into the tank in 2015. Even though they did not close the deal, the show gave Spikeball tons of exposure and helped it achieve mainstream popularity.

#4: When Was Spikeball on “Shark Tank”?

Spikeball was on “Shark Tank” in the final episode of Season 6, which aired on May 15, 2015.

#5: Who Invested in Spikeball on “Shark Tank”?

Daymond John and Mr. Wonderful were the two Sharks who extended an offer for Spikeball on “Shark Tank.” Spikeball Founder and CEO, Chris Ruder managed to negotiate a deal with Daymond, offering 20% of the company for $500,000. However, they did not close the deal in the months that followed.

#6: Who Invented Spikeball?

The original Spikeball creator was a man named Jeff Knurek, who developed the game and its equipment in 1989. However, the game was not patented and had an expired trademark when current Spikeball Inc. Founder Chris Ruder showed an interest in reviving it. The game owes its current popularity to Spikeball Inc., which was responsible for promoting it.

#7: What’s the Difference between Spikeball versus Slammo?

There’s a lot of confusion about the differences between Spikeball and Slammo, when really the two are just different roundnet equipment brands. Roundnet is the actual name of the game, while Spikeball is just the manufacturer.

However, a lot of people refer to the game as Spikeball because it is the name of the brand that revived it and promoted it for mainstream popularity. Slammo is just another manufacturer of roundnet equipment.

#8: Which is Better – Spikeball vs. Slammo?

There are several differences in the quality and make of equipment from the two brands. These differences do not necessarily make one better than the other because it’s all subjective.

Whether Spikeball or Slammo is better for you depends on your personal preferences and needs. You can check out our Spikeball vs. Slammo article to better understand these differences and which one would be better for you.

#9: How Do You Set Up Spikeball?

You can set up your Spikeball equipment by clipping the net around the rims of the frame. You can then make adjustments by pulling around the areas that feel loose. Make sure the net is tight enough for that your ball bounces at least 12 inches when you drop it from 3 feet above. Check out the following video for a visual explainer on how to set up your Spikeball set.

#10: How Do You Play Spikeball?

Spikeball is typically a four-player game with two players on each team. The two teams line up across each other with the net in the middle. One player serves the ball by bouncing it on the net and the opposing team tries to return it.

The goal is to make it harder for the other team to return the ball so that you can score a point, just like in volleyball. You can learn more about the detailed rules in our how-to guide.

#11: How Do You Serve in Spikeball?

When serving in Spikeball, you need to stand at least 6 feet away from the net or you’ll end up faulting. You can’t serve straight out of your hand either. The ball needs to be at least 2 inches in the air when you hit it. Besides this, you need to actually hit the ball. Other actions like dropping the ball, missing a hit, or catching the ball after a toss would count as a fault.

#12: How Tight Should the Spikeball Net Be?

The tightness of the net will affect the quality of play in Spikeball. So you need to make sure that it’s tight enough to give the ball proper bounce. The perfect net tension is when you drop a ball from 3 feet above and it bounces at least 12 inches in the air after hitting the net.

#13: How Inflated Should the Spikeball Ball Be?

According to the official Spikeball rules, you should inflate the ball till it has a circumference of 12 inches. This would make the ball slightly larger than a softball. However, fully inflating the ball would also make it harder and more difficult to handle. Some players recommend inflating it only till it is semi-soft so that you can control it more easily.

#14: Can You Play Spikeball with 2 Players?

While Spikeball is typically a four-player game, it is possible for two players to play against each other. That being said, it’s a bit difficult for one-on-one games to get competitive. So you can make your own rule modifications to keep the game more interesting. Typically, players only have two touches per possession in 2-player games, unlike the usual three touches.

#15: Can You Play Spikeball with 3 Players?

You need four players to play Spikeball according to the official rules. Although you can technically play with three players, you will need to change up the rules a bit to keep things fair and competitive.

All three players can play against each other in a 3-player game. Here, you will need to follow a rotation in which all players get an equal turn i.e. Player 1, then Player 2, and then Player 3 before it goes back to Player 1.

You can also play a 3-person game as a team, but this will involve players switching teams in the middle of the game. Player 1 will serve to Player 2, who will have Player 3 as their teammate. Player 3 has the option to spike the ball or pass it. Whichever player spikes the ball will then be on their own with the other two players teaming up against them.

There’s also an option of two players playing against each other while the third player acts as an all-time setter. So each player can use the third player to get better control of the ball. The setter can only play the second touch and only pass the ball.

#16: Can You Play Spikeball Indoors?

You can play Spikeball indoors, but you will need ample space to move around as needed. So if you want to ensure good game play, make sure there isn’t any space constriction that could prevent players from moving around freely. As for the playing surface, gym floors may be a great option.

#17: Can You Bring Spikeball on a Plane?

Yes. Spikeball comes with a drawstring bag in which you can easily fold up your net as a carry-on. However, it would be a good idea to check with individual airlines and see if their rules vary.

#18: Where Can You Buy a Spikeball Set?

You can purchase the original Spikeball equipment from the official Spikeball Inc. website. It’s also available from major retailers like Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods. If you have other questions, check out our guide on where to buy a Spikeball set and some of our top Spikeball set recommendations to make an informed decision.

#19: What is a Pocket in Spikeball?

A pocket in Spikeball is when your ball lands on the net but rolls to the rim rather than bouncing out. Hitting a pocket would be considered a fault.

#20: What is Spikeball Pro?

Spikeball Pro, as the name suggests, is a professional version of the original Spikeball set. Since Pro sets are built for tournament use, they tend to have a stronger build. The balls that come with a Pro set will also have added texture that allows players to have more control over the ball. Naturally, it is also more expensive than a classic set.

#21: What’s the Average Spikeball Price?

Spikeball price varies according to various factors like the number of balls included and the make quality. The classic 3-ball Spikeball set would typically set you back by $50 to $60. Professional sets would cost more, while beginner sets would cost slightly less. You can also get cheaper roundnet equipment from other brands like Slammo, but a lot of players prefer the original Spikeball.

#22: What Age is Spikeball Good for?

Spikeball is suitable for all ages. The balls that come with classic and pro sets may be a bit difficult to handle for kids. However, there’s an option to get training balls that are slightly larger and therefore, easier for kids to handle.


With these 22 answers, you should now have plenty of information about Spikeball such as Spikeball history, how it gained mainstream popularity, and how to play it. Make the most of this knowledge to understand the game a bit better. If you ever need more detailed information, you can always check out the other resources we’ve linked to.

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