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Are you in the market for your very own Spikeball set? After you’ve carefully considered factors like cost and frequency of use, you may have decided on which set to get. The next thing to consider is where to get a set. Your choice of retailer is very important because it’s the factor that will influence how great of a deal you manage to get and how good of a service you receive.

What to Consider in a Store/Retailer

Although Spikeball sets are available at the official Spikeball website, some of you may want to look for other options. To make sure you purchase a Spikeball set from the right retailer, you need to consider a few factors. You should consider how reputable the store is, because reputable stores are more likely to sell authentic products. They are also more likely to provide good service pre and post purchase.

As for cost, most retailers will sell the product for the same price unless they’re running a special discount. So if you still want an authentic game set for a cheaper price, you might want to check whether the retailer offers used Spikeball sets as well. Some retailers may offer the same product from different sellers at varying prices, so you might want to consider those options as well.

Another factor to consider is whether you’d like to get it delivered or pick it up from a store. Some retailers will only offer online purchases and deliver the product. So if you’re more inclined on picking up the item from a store, you might want to look for retailers who have physical stores as well. These retailers are likely to have an in-store pickup option while letting you check product availability through their website.

Where to Get a Spikeball Set

Aside from the official Spikeball website, Amazon is one of the most popular places to get a Spikeball set. It’s a great option because you can choose from different sellers. This means that you might have a better chance of finding a Spikeball set at a lower rate as well as finding used Spikeball sets.

Go to Amazon

Amazon also has different sets of the game such as the Pro Kit and the Rookie Kit. So you have several options to choose from whether you’re just learning to play Spikeball or you want to go pro.

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Walmart is an excellent alternative because you can find Spikeball sets from different sellers who may have better deals on the product. Plus, you can also order the product online and get it shipped to your nearest Walmart store if you like the option of picking up the item yourself. The only problem is that they only have the classic 3-ball Spikeball set. So you won’t be able to get other sets such as the Pro Kit and the Rookie Kit.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is one of the first reputable retailers to carry Spikeball sets in their shelves. You have the option of having the product shipped to you directly or buying it online and picking it up from one of their stores. This option comes in handy if you want to make sure the product doesn’t get delivered while you’re away from home. Like with Walmart, this retailer only has the classic 3-ball set.

You can also find Spikeball sets at Target – both online and offline. If you are planning to buy it from a physical store, however, make sure that you check for in-store availability beforehand. Since Spikeball sets are highly popular, there may be times when they run out of stock in stores. Even at Target, you only have the option of getting the classic 3-ball set.

REI is another reputable retailer that sells Spikeball sets online while providing an in-store pickup option as well. REI members can even get a few dollars back as part of their member dividend. Like with the other retailers, the only drawback is that REI only carries the classic 3-ball Spikeball kit.

What’s Next?

Based on this information, you’ll have a better idea of where to get a Spikeball set and which retailers would be the best option for you. If cost is a main concern for you or if you want a set other than the classic 3-ball kit (such as the tournament pro kit), Amazon would be your best bet. If you want an in-store pickup option, choose a retailer that’s located close to you and you’re set.

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