The Best Shuffleboard Wax & Powder for a Smoother Game9 min read

Every shuffleboarder worth their salt knows that shuffleboard wax is a necessity for the game. Some players know exactly which speed they need for their table, while others even know how to mix different wax speeds together to get the perfect balance. The right balance will improve accuracy and help you deliver powerful shots.

If you’re new to the game, however, the whole shuffleboard wax and shuffleboard powder scene can be very confusing. So you can check out our shuffleboard wax FAQ page to get a better idea. At this point, you might find it extremely difficult to understand which wax speed would be best for you.

This post will help you with just that, as you’ll learn about the different shuffleboard wax speeds and which ones can speed up or slow down your game. First of all, it’s important to note that there are plenty of solid brands that produce shuffleboard wax. Among these, the one that stands out and dominates the shuffleboard wax industry is Sun-Glo.

You can use this brand of shuffleboard wax on any of the shuffleboard table brands in the market. This post will mainly discuss the six different speeds of shuffleboard powder from Sun-Glo and help you understand which one’s best for you.

1.) Sun-Glo #1 Speed Shuffleboard Wax

This is the fastest speed of shuffleboard beads, sometimes known as the Super Glide. It is made of pure silicone ball bearings and therefore, gives you super fast speed and lets your pucks fly across the table. Games can get pretty challenging and fast-paced when you use this speed, so it’s perfect for advanced players and players who’ve developed some finesse in their shots.

Since the speed is so fast, you wouldn’t be able to use it on smaller tables without your pucks flying off the table. So it’s best to save it for bigger tables above 14 feet. Even then, not all players may be able to keep up with this pace.


  • Lightning fast playing speed
  • Perfect for highly competitive players


  • Too fast for smaller tables
  • Too fast for intermediate players and beginners
  • Unpredictable gliding action

Best for: Advanced-level players, competitive players, 14-22 feet tables

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2.) Sun-Glo #2 Speed Shuffleboard Powder

This too offers very fast playing speed on larger tables. It is the speed commonly used in tournaments, and is specially formulated for professional players. It’ll be a bit easier to handle than the #1 speed but is still too fast for beginners. Even regular players may have a hard time controlling their shots at this speed, unless they like fast-paced, competitive games.

On a smaller 12-foot table, it provides the kind of super fast playing speed that the #1 speed would provide on larger tables. This speed wouldn’t be usable for any table that’s smaller than that, because it’ll send your pucks flying off the table.


  • Super fast playing speed
  • Perfect for tournament use
  • Perfect for professionals


  • Too fast for smaller tables
  • Too fast for beginners and intermediates

Best for: Professional players, tournament use, 14-22 feet tables

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3.) Sun-Glo #3 Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax

Next up is the #3 speed shuffleboard powder wax, which will provide very fast playing speed on 12-foot tables. Combined with the perfect shuffleboard puck, you could enjoy a serious game without straining yourself too much. While this may be perfect for expert players who like fast-paced games, beginners might struggle to keep up at this pace.

On larger tables above 14 feet, you’ll find that it provides a smooth game play that would be just right for casual games between experts. It’s still too fast for the average player when used on tables smaller than 12 feet, as your pucks will keep sliding off the edges of your table. This is the speed that’s uniformly usable on all table sizes, but is still best used on larger ones.


  • Perfect speed for most tables
  • Perfect for experts and beginners alike


  • Prone to clumping
  • Inconsistent sliding action

Best for: Expert players, fast-paced games, 12-22 feet tables

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4.) Sun-Glo #4 Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax

This would provide fast playing speed on 9-foot tables, making it perfect for intermediate players who are brushing up their shuffleboard technique but aren’t ready to play faster games. On larger tables between 12 and 14 feet, it’s fast enough for beginners to keep up without completely boring expert players.

If you use it on tables that are any larger than this, it’ll probably be too slow for experts. However, kids and beginners may find this speed perfect to get acquainted with the game, and the average player will be able to play comfortably at this speed.


  • Works well on most table sizes
  • Suitable for both experts and intermediate players


  • Prone to clumping

Best for: Intermediate players, beginners, 9-14 feet tables

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5.) Sun-Glo #5 Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax

This is one of the most comfortable playing speeds for beginners and is perfect for 14-foot tables. It will give you medium fast playing speed with the right balance of control and slickness. It’s perfect for when you know the basics of how to play shuffleboard, but don’t know it well enough to play faster games.

While you can use it on larger tables, the speed may be too slow for the average player. On 9 to 12 feet tables, it provides a medium fast playing speed that even beginners will be able to keep up with.


  • Perfect for beginners  and intermediates
  • Ideal for smaller tables


  • Prone to clumping
  • Too slow for advanced-level players

Best for: Beginners, slow-paced games, 9-14 feet tables

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6.) Sun-Glo #6 Speed Shuffleboard Powder Wax

The slowest shuffleboard wax is the #6 speed, which gives you medium playing speed on smaller tables. It’s perfect for use on 9-foot tables and 12-foot tables, and slows down your game on a 14-foot table. So beginners and kids will love it.

Make sure you use it with a silicone spray to evenly spread the powder over the surface. Otherwise, the powder will clump up as your pucks slide across the table. This can further slow down your speed and affect your game play even on the best shuffleboard tables. The clumping and tracking is especially worse when you use shuffleboard pucks without beveled edges.

It’ll be unusable for tables that are any larger than this because your pucks will hardly be able to move halfway across the table. So even if you love slower games, it’s best to avoid this speed if you have a larger table.


  • Ideal speed for beginners and kids
  • Perfect for small tables


  • Extremely prone to clumping
  • Too slow for experts and professionals
  • Too slow for large tables

Best for: Beginners, kids, slow-paced games, 9-12 feet tables

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7.) Sun-Glo Ultimate Variety Shuffleboard Powder Wax

If you’re new to shuffleboard and you have trouble deciding which of these options would be best, you could get the variety pack instead. This includes all the six speeds of shuffleboard wax from Sun-Glo. So you can experiment with various speeds and try mixing a few of them together to see which works best for your table, your skill level, and your speed preferences.

The cost isn’t excessively higher than the other options, because most Sun-Glo wax speeds come in 2- or 3-pack purchases. So you’ll still be spending around the same amount. It’s better to be able to try out different options in a single purchase, rather than having to spend extra money on multiple purchases only to find that they’re not suitable for you.


  • Great for new shuffleboard owners
  • Perfect for experimenting with different speeds


  • Slightly pricier than single-speed purchases

Best for: Beginners, new shuffleboard table owners

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Bonus: Other Shuffleboard Table Essentials

There are a couple of essential accessories that go hand in hand with a shuffleboard wax purchase. If you’re new to the game, it’s important to remember that you cannot use a shuffleboard powder as it is. You’ll need to thoroughly clean the table and prep it before spreading the powder to ensure better game play and table longevity. For this, you’ll need a shuffleboard sweep and a silicone spray.

Sun-Glo Silicone Shuffleboard Spray

As you can see from our previous discussions, shuffleboard wax powder tends to clump up over time, especially when you use the slower speeds or pucks without beveled edges. Using a silicone shuffleboard spray before you spread the powder can work wonders to resolve this issue. So you can prevent tracking and save up on powder. Plus, it helps you maintain a smoother playing surface.

Main Drawbacks

  • Strong smell
  • Tends to drip from the nozzle
  • Needs careful application

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Sun-Glo Shuffleboard Sweep

Your shuffleboard table can collect dirt and debris over time, which affects game play and mixes with your shuffleboard powder. This shuffleboard sweep helps you clean the surface efficiently before you re-wax your table.

It also helps you sweep up the powder over the edges of your table, which prepares it for shuffleboard snowplowing. You might even need to clean up the surface to play other shuffleboard-related games like shuffleboard bowling.

At 21 inches long, this sweep may be too big for smaller tables, but you can still use it at a slight angle even then. It’s made solid wood and uses high-quality carpet to effectively sweep up all the powder and debris from the table surface. Some shuffleboard tables come complete with accessories including shuffleboard scoreboards and sweeps. If yours doesn’t, you could invest in this.

Main Drawbacks

  • Too wide for smaller tables
  • Slightly pricier than other options

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Bottom Line

As you can see, there are a lot of shuffleboard wax varieties. What works for you depends on a lot of factors, including your table size, your skill level, your speed preference, and your playing style. You can go through some of our suggestions for each speed level and make a decision accordingly.

The best option, however, would be to get the variety pack and test out which speed or speed combination works best for you. Don’t forget to invest in the other accessories so you can properly maintain your shuffleboard table while ensuring comfortable game play.

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