18 Shuffleboard Wax & Powder FAQ Must Knows10 min read

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Ever wondered how much shuffleboard wax you need to use to get the perfect play speed? Or perhaps you might want to know which speed rating would be best for your table or how to apply it properly. If you’ve had some questions about shuffleboard wax, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and provided you with reliable answers to them. So aside from the game rules and shuffleboard strategies, you’ll also have a better understanding of the uses of shuffleboard wax and how to use it for better game play.

1. What is Shuffleboard Wax?

Shuffleboard wax is a dry powder material typically made of silicone beads, which is sprinkled on the playing surface of shuffleboard tables. The goal is to decrease friction while allowing shuffleboard pucks to glide smoothly across the surface. You may know it by other names such as cheese, dust, powder, sand, salt, sawdust, speed powder, and more.

2. What’s the Difference Between Shuffleboard Wax and Sand?

Shuffleboard wax and shuffleboard sand are the same thing. These are just different names for the same product.

3. What’s the Difference Between Shuffleboard Wax and Powder?

Shuffleboard wax and shuffleboard powder are the same thing. Shuffleboard wax is in powder form and is sometimes called shuffleboard powder.

4. What is Shuffleboard Wax Made of?

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The most common material used for making shuffleboard wax is dry silicone beads, which look like dry powder. These behave like miniature ball bearings for the shuffleboard puck, allowing it to smoothly slide across the playing surface. Some brands also mix these silicone beads with ground corn to create different speed levels. Some shuffleboard players even come up with their own concoction by mixing different powders together.

5. Is Shuffleboard Wax Toxic?

Shuffleboard wax is made from silicone, which is a non-toxic polymer. However, some shuffleboard wax may contain nuts or nut products, which could be harmful for you if you have a nut allergy. Make sure you check the label or look for online reviews to find out if the wax you plan to buy contains nuts.

6. What does Speed Rating Mean for Shuffleboard Wax?

The speed rating is how shuffleboard wax gets categorized. It’s a numeric system ranging between 1 and 7, with 1 being the fastest speed. It is typically used for professional play at larger tables. Speed 3 is a medium fast rating for sufficient momentum on larger tables.

The slowest shuffleboard wax has a speed rating of 7 and is ideal for smaller shuffleboard tables. If you’re unsure about what qualifies as a smaller table or larger table, refer to our article on shuffleboard table dimensions.

7. Which Shuffleboard Wax Should You Use or Get?

This really depends on factors like the size of your shuffleboard table and the type of play you want. For slow to medium-speed play on a small table, you could start out with a Speed 6 or 7. A Speed 3 may be too fast for smaller tables and can cause the pucks to fly off the surface, but it would be ideal for providing medium-speed play on medium tables and slow play on larger tables.

Professionals usually prefer faster play, so a Speed 1 or 1.5 on a large table would be a great option., but not all brands offer a Speed 1.5, so you can opt for a Speed 2 instead. You can check out our article on shuffleboard table accessories to learn more about various shuffleboard wax brands and speed rating.

8. How Do You Apply the Shuffleboard Wax on the Table?

There are a few steps you need to follow before you can start the wax application process. First, remove the existing wax using a shuffleboard brush or a soft towel. Then apply a silicone spray across the playing surface in a sweeping motion.

Let it sit for a few minutes and then use a towel to gently buff off the remainder and spread it evenly across the surface. After this, you can spread the shuffleboard wax evenly on the surface of your board.

9. How Do You Spread Shuffleboard Wax?

There’s no specific technique to spread shuffleboard wax. After you follow the steps provided in the previous answer, you just need to sprinkle the wax powder evenly and generously across your table surface. Shuffleboard wax comes in containers that allow easy sprinkling and application, so you wouldn’t have too much trouble with this.

10. How Much Shuffleboard Wax Should You Use?

There’s no specific rule on how much shuffleboard wax you should apply. The amount of application mainly depends on your personal preferences. It’s best to start out with a light coating and then test your pucks to see if this amount works for you. You can apply more wax if you feel like the pucks are sliding too fast or they’re falling off the board. You can remove some excess wax if the pucks are unable to slide freely on the surface.

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11. What Causes Shuffleboard Wax Clumping?

Like with other powdered substances, shuffleboard wax will clump up when there’s too much moisture. Clumping can happen when you add your powder wax without waiting for the silicone spray to dry completely. It can also happen if you store the powder wax in spaces that get too much humidity such as on a concrete floor in the basement, next to a window, or next to a wall in the basement.

12. What’s the Problem With Shuffleboard Wax Clumping?

Shuffleboard wax clumping is one of the main causes of plowing. Plowing is when the shuffleboard puck pushes the powder wax as it travels from one end of the board to the other, resulting in the wax piling up. This can slow down your pucks and affect game play.

But plowing isn’t necessarily a result of wax clumping; it could also be because of poor-quality shuffleboard pucks. You can check out our article on the best shuffleboard pucks to find a brand that allows good game play with no plowing.

13. Where Can You Buy Shuffleboard Wax?

You can find shuffleboard wax from reputable manufacturers like Sun-Glo, Hathaway, and Triple Crown on ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Target, Home Depot, Muellers, and Walmart. These retailers will also carry shuffleboard wax at their physical locations, if they have one.

You can also check out the official websites of popular recreational game manufacturers like McClure Tables, ZieglerWorld, Brunswick Billiards, Legacy Billiards, etc.

14. Can You Reuse Shuffleboard Wax?

Although it is technically possible to reuse shuffleboard wax a few times, this isn’t always advisable. That’s because it is made of minuscule silicone balls, which become jagged and uneven once you use your pucks on them. If you reuse the wax, you could risk damaging the playfield. It will also slow down your game. If you do plan to reuse your shuffleboard wax, make sure you only do so for 3-4 times at the max.

15. How Do You Clean Shuffleboard Wax?

Once you’ve used shuffleboard wax, it immediately collects a lot of dirt and impurities. If you are going to reuse it, you need to thoroughly clean it first after you scoop it out of the gutter.

For this, you will need an old kitchen strainer and a dry bucket. Make sure the strainer doesn’t have any large holes through which larger debris can escape. Place some wax into the strainer and shake it lightly to filter out all the junk that you may have collected from the gutter along with the wax.

16. How Do You Remove Shuffleboard Wax from a Table?

Removing used and old shuffleboard wax is one of the vital steps in shuffleboard table maintenance, especially if you own one of the top-rated shuffleboard tables. And it is essential when you’re going to re-wax the table for a game. You would typically use a shuffleboard brush or sweep to brush off the old powder from your table. If you don’t have one, you can also use a clean and dry towel.

17. What’s the Best Shuffleboard Wax for a 9-Foot Table?

It mainly depends on what play speed you’re looking for. Since a 9-foot table is among the smaller shuffleboard table dimensions, you could start with a Speed 7 for slower games and a Speed 6 for a medium speed game. Try using a Speed 5 if you want an even faster game.

18. What’s the Best Shuffleboard Wax for a 12-Foot Table?

Since a 12-foot table is among the smaller shuffleboard varieties, the wax you use wouldn’t be too different from what you would use with a 9-foot table. A Speed 7 would provide you with a slow game, while a Speed 6 would be perfect for medium-speed casual play.

Final Thoughts

So now you know all you need to know about shuffleboard wax and especially how it can impact your game play especially on different table sizes. Hopefully we covered all the questions you may have about the uses of shuffleboard wax, if you have any other questions, just let us know.