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Table shuffleboard can be an incredibly fun and competitive game to play with your friends at the bar. It’s easy to want to bring that fun home, but before you choose to buy a new shuffleboard that could cost upwards to a few thousand dollars, we figured we’d provide some key pointers to consider when you’re about to buy a shuffleboard and give you some recommendations of the best shuffleboards going into 2019. For something more comprehensive, we also put together a Shuffleboard Buying Guide.

Equipment Terminology That’s Important to Know

Before you purchase one of our top-recommended shuffleboard tables, there’s some equipment terminology you should know beforehand.

  • Rail – This is a part of the shuffleboard table that acts like the outer wall or edge of the table
  • Gutter – This is another part of the shuffleboard table and it’s the open space that goes around the surface of the table. It’s where the shuffleboard weights or pucks fall into when they fail to stay on the surface
  • Climate Adjusters – These are brackets that are adhered to the bottom of the top surface of the shuffleboard table. They allow the table to shift with the changes in the weather, such as the humidity in the air or the overall temperature, to prevent the table from affecting your play
  • Wax – Shuffleboard table wax creates a super smooth, non-resistant top to your shuffleboard table, reducing friction between table and weight. Wax is also called powder, sand, dust, or silicone beads

Types of Tables to Choose From

When it comes to purchasing a Shuffleboard tables, there are a few types that exist:

  • Regular Shuffletable – This type of table is just like the one described earlier, with rails, gutters, climate adjusters, etc.
  • Bankboard Table – Instead of the table having gutters, this type has cushioned banks much like the sides of a pool table. Players “bank” the weights off the sides before trying to score
  • Sjoelen – This is a board that has scoring boxes instead of zones. It’s a Dutch version of the game.
  • Bowling Table – This version is where you slide the puck over slats on the table that “knock” off pins hanging over them. This style has a super fun arcade feel. You can also make a bowling table out of a regular one just by purchasing an accessory kit

What Makes a Shuffleboard Table a Good One To Buy

When it comes to looking for a quality shuffleboard table, here are a few considerations:

  • It’s crafted by a brand has uses quality materials such as one type of wood or one type of metal and no composite materials are used.
  • The playing surface has a quality, smooth finish so the weight or puck can slide easily even without wax or silicone beads.
  • Assembly that isn’t complicated. You don’t want to have to have an engineering degree to put it together.

The Best Options of 2019

MD Sports 8’ Poly-Coated Surface Home Gameroom Shuffleboard Table

This is a good entry-level table to place in your home to take part in shufflepuck. It has a nice looking, and very well-built black cabinet, along pedestal legs that come with adjustable levers. In addition to the table itself, it has all the accessories that you need to play.


  • Good value
  • Includes pucks and accessories
  • Heavy but well-built
  • Smaller size (8 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 2.5 feet tall) allows it to be easily placed in almost any room
  • Arrives almost fully assembled


  • Is made from laminate and not wood
  • Not a good choice for a humid climate since prone to warping
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Challenger Shuffleboard Table with Dark Cherry Finish, Hardwood Playfield and Storage Cabinets

This shuffleboard table is a step up from the previous because use it’s longer, made from better materials, and has an incredible look thanks to a dark cherry finish that sets it apart from the competition. For the 9 foot option, you’ll spend around $750. It’s also offered in longer sizes as well and comes with cabinets for easy storage.


  • Professional grade table
  • Crafted from stable, high quality materials
  • Independent leg levelers makes it easy to adjust
  • Playing surface is covered in a polyurethane surface, perfect for smooth, fast play 
  • Comes with all the playing accessories you need, including pucks, powder, and more


  • Doesn’t come assembled, need to pay extra to have it put together
  • Once assembled, it’s hard to move since it’s very heavy
  • Wax that comes with your purchase is almost too fast to be used on the table
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Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

With its contemporary styling, handy storage compartments, quick surface, and expert craftsmanship, this is one table that’s tough to pass up for the entry- to intermediate-level at-home player. For the 12-foot version, you only have to pay just over $1,000 to get it and for that price, you get a place to play shoveapenny with a non-laminated multi-coat polyurethane surface. With your purchase, you get the weights you need to play along with speed wax and 2 plastic sliding scorers.Even with some assembly required, this is a great buy.


  • Fast surface for intense action
  • Espresso finish makes it a stylish addition to any room.
  • Very durable with reinforced double-paneled pedestal legs
  • Has everything you need to play as soon as you get it
  • Storage Compartments


  • Assembly is required
  • Some purchasers have noted that the table is not as level as it could have been upon delivery
  • Very heavy and requires a few people to lift
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Fairview Game Rooms 12’ Shuffleboard Table With Bowling Kit

With this shuffleboard table, you can bring the same type of playing experience that you have at the bar, pub, or arcade right into your home. The asking price of $1600 might seem a bit high, but this table’s premium features are well worth the cost. A maple veneer with more than five players of multicore construction and a polyurethane finish create a sturdy, durable cabinet that provides a solid base for the surface finished with polymer. Construction is rounded out by metal stabilizers, chrome leglevelers, and locking nuts for leveling that’s close to perfect. It also has anaccessory door that’s hidden and it comes with all the equipment you need toplay.


  • Thick, sturdy, and tremendously durable, meaning it can take a beating and stand the test of time
  • Clean, well finished playing surface lines allows for on point play
  • Multiple stabilizers allow easily leveling
  • Polymer finish allows for fast play
  • Traditional appearance will add to the look of any room
  • Comes with all playing equipment and the option to switch to a bowling table


  • Assembly is required
  • Requires freight shipping
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Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table with Electronic Scorer

If money’s no object, then this is the table for you. As the name suggests, it’s a pro-style table that has all the bells and whistles found on shuffleboard tables in professional establishments. The surface of the table is made from a Canadian Maple edge glued vertical butcher block, that’s as tough as it is stunning. Not to mention the fact that it has a very rich finish that rivals that of any high end furniture maker on the market. With its 24 inch electronic scoreboard, pro-style threaded climate adjusters, set of eight pucks, board sweep, speed wax and playing instructions, this is the be all end all of indoor shuffleboard tables.


  • Pro-Style playing surface, ideal for intermediate to expert level players.
  • Playing surface is kiln-dried with a ¼” poured polymer surface, extremely fast 
  • Doesn’t require a lot of wax or sand
  • Pro style threaded climate adjusters mean you don’t have to level anything on your own
  • Has all the equipment you need to play from the get go


  • High price tag of around $3,700 for a 16 foot table
  • Assembly is required and some reviewers have said can be quite difficult
  • The scoreboard can block your playing view
  • Very, very heavy and requires freight shipping
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Bottom Line

As you can see from reading this post, there’s a lot that actually goes into purchasing a shuffleboard table. But since you’ve read the reviews and information provided here, you should now have a good understanding of the best ones to choose from and how to find a good one for you. Once you get your shuffleboard table and are looking to improve your play, check out some shuffleboard strategies. Finally, be sure to get a shuffleboard table cover.

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