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A good kite without the right kite accessories is like a drum without drumsticks. While you can still use it, you can’t unlock its full potential. The right accessories for kites such as quality kite strings and kite tails can help you control your kite much more effectively, thus improving your kiting experience.

The best part is that kite technology has evolved a lot over the years so we now have accessories that can help unlock the full potential of the most advanced kites in the market. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few stunt kite accessories that can improve your kite flying experience.

Spools vs. Handles vs. Reels

Before we list down some of the best accessories for kites, let’s first take a closer look at the differences between spools, handles, and reels. Although these kite parts all serve the same purpose, there are some differences in design and handling. Understanding these differences will help you identify which option is the best for you.

Kite Spool – Kite spools are cylindrical in shape and typically come with handles at both ends. You wind up the kite line at the center of the spool and use both hands to control it. You also get kite spools that only contain the kite line minus the handles. These are used for restringing kites.

Kite Handle – True to their name, kite handles are shaped like door handles with the lines wound up at one end. You might find these used with dual-line controls, but you can also use them on single-line kites.

Kite Reel – Much like a fishing reel, kite reels come with a winder that lets you wind your kite lines easily. Although the winder is manually-controlled, it simplifies the winding process and makes it much easier to control your kite line.   

Best Kite Strings and Spools

1. In the Breeze Kite Spool

The best kite flying thread on the list is the 30 pound line from In the Breeze. This twisted polyester kite line boasts of durability and ease of use. Although it’s lightweight, it is extremely durable and doesn’t break easily even if it gets caught between branches.

Due to the braided design, the line doesn’t tangle up like regular thread or string. So you can feed and rewind it much more smoothly, minimizing the hassle involved in untangling your flying line.

This spool is suitable for use on any kite – from deltas to parafoils – as it comes with an attached snap swivel that enables easy installation. The handles are easy to hold even for kids or pilots with smaller hands. This makes it easier to get a firm grip on the spool and control your kite line much more easily.


  • Durable nylon cord that doesn’t break easily
  • Tangle-resistant nylon braid kite line
  • Smooth unwinding and rewinding
  • Easy-to-spin handles
  • Comes with attached snap swivel for easy installation


  • Some sections of the line fray easily

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2. Premier Kites Winding Nylon Kite String Spool

This 30 pound spool from Premier Kites comes with 500 feet of nylon string that’s lightweight and elastic yet still durable. This makes it perfect for both lightweight and heavier kites. In fact, it can withstand up to 30 pounds so you can freely use it on kites with larger wingspans or in heavy winds without the constant worry that it might break.  

The string is specially braided so it’s less likely to tangle up, and you can smoothly feed it out and quickly rewind it. This is likely to enhance your flying experience as you can avoid all the hassle that comes with stuck or tangled lines.


  • Lightweight and elastic nylon cord
  • Durable enough to withstand up to 30 pounds
  • Tangle-resistant nylon braid kite line
  • Smooth unwinding and rewinding


  • Doesn’t come with a handle; more suitable to restring kites

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3. Emma Kites Braided Dacron Polyester Kite Line

If a 500-feet kite line isn’t enough for you, you’ll love this 300-pound 1000-feet braided Dacron polyester kite line from Emma Kites. The length of this line makes it particularly ideal for flying larger kites and the sturdiness helps support their weight.

Dacron is a highly resilient, UV-resistant material with minimal stretch and doesn’t absorb much water. This makes it perfect for outdoor use as it can withstand exposure to the elements without wearing out very easily. This makes it one of the best stunt kite accessories that will last for years.

The braided design prevents your kite line from getting tangled up, helping you enjoy a hassle-free flying experience. It also prevents slippage and helps you maintain a firm grip on your line, in addition to keeping the tow point in place. To add to it all, the contrasting colors make this line much easier to see in the sand or in the grass.


  • Highly durable Dacron flying line
  • 1000-feet of line to fly larger kites
  • Resilient enough to support heavy kites
  • Tangle-resistant for a hassle-free flying experience
  • Contrasting colors for easy visibility


  • Slightly pricey
  • Spool only; does not come with handles

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4. YIFAN 492 Feet Kite String

Though not as long or as strong as the other kite strings on the list, this 50 pound kite line from YIFAN is the most economical option. This makes it perfect for kids and beginners who may need some time learning how to control their kite lines. It measures approximately 492 feet and can hold up to 25 pounds of weight.

It comes with handles on both ends and you can easily attach your kite and start flying. The best part is that there are two spools in this set, so you’ll get your money’s worth and have an extra spool lying around for easy replacement.


  • Affordable
  • Comes with 2 spools
  • Comes with handles for easy flying


  • Does not hold as much weight as the other kite strings
  • Not as long as the other options

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Best Kite Reels

1. Emma Kites Lockable Kite Reel Winder

Emma Kites is one of the top manufacturers of stunt kite accessorie so it’s no surprise that their lockable reel winder made it to our list of the best kite flying parts. Not only does this kite string winder help you feed and take in your strings much more easily, it also comes with a locking device that lets you control your line more efficiently.

This locking mechanism lets you stop the feed right where you need it by locking both take-in and pay-out. You can also adjust it to allow take-in only and prevent pay-out, making it much easier to manage your flying line.

The reel measures 8.7 inches, which is large enough for both adults and kids to handle comfortably. It is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic to ensure durability. It also comes with 500 feet of 120-pound braided Dacron line that can withstand heavy turbulence and exposure to the elements.

The kite string winder uses a deep groove ball bearing that allows smooth rotation. Combined with the slippery ceramic line guide, you won’t have to worry about the string getting stuck or jammed with this kite reel.


  • Comes with locking mechanism to effectively control line feed
  • 8.7-inch reel is large enough for both adults and kids to handle
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Comes with durable, 500-feet braided Dacron flying line
  • Deep groove ball bearing allows smooth rotation
  • Suitable for both adults and kids


  • Lock is slightly flimsy and prone to breakage
  • Line guide is prone to breaking
  • Bolts come off easily

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2. Emma Kites Large Kite Reel

If the previous option is too small for you, the 10.6 inch range from Emma Kites would be the perfect choice. This kite reel is built specifically to handle larger kites and is perfect for adults. It’s built to support the needs of professional pilots so you could even use it in kite flying contests.

It uses an omni-bearing thread guide that gives you the freedom to feed or reverse your line from any direction. The thread guide is made of aluminum alloy that is designed for durability and protects your kite line from wearing and abrasion.

The large ball bearing allows smooth, high-frequency rotation so you can swiftly control your kite as needed. This kite reel also comes with a ratchet lock device that helps you stop the line from paying out.  


  • High-quality build for superior performance
  • 10.6-inch reel to handle larger kites
  • Omni-bearing thread guide allows line control from any direction
  • Aluminum alloy surface prevents line abrasion and wearing
  • Large ball bearing for smooth, high-frequency rotation
  • Ratchet lock mechanism to stop line pay-out
  • Comes in 4 different colors


  • Pricey
  • Lack of instruction on taking apart and reassembling the parts
  • Doesn’t come with string

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Best Kite Tails

Kite tails can give your kite more stability so you can control it more efficiently. Without a tail, some kites may spin and roll in the air and can be extremely difficult to control. A tail adds some weight to the center of the kite, helping it fly more stably. You can adjust the weight by adjusting the length of the tail, with longer tails bearing more weight.

1. Prism Kite Tube Tail

From one of the leading speed kite and stunt kite manufacturers, this Prism tube tail is one of the best options on our list. It runs 20 feet long and can be used on both single-line kites and smaller dual-line kites. You can also go for the 75-foot option if you’re going to use it on medium to full-size dual-line kites.

The tube design means that it needs to be inflated with air to unlock its full potential. This means you should ideally use it at the beach or in areas with decent wind.

This kite tail is designed with a swivel clip that allows you to attach it to almost any kite with no hassle. It helps you add more balance to your kite and control it more effectively. The bright neon yellow color also ensures that your kite is easily visible in the sky. When not in use, you can simply store it away inside the drawstring pouch that it comes with.


  • Attaches to virtually any kite with swivel clip
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in two sizes – 20 feet and 75 feet
  • Well-made and functions as desired
  • Come with handy matching pouch for easy storage


  • Slightly pricey
  • Doesn’t inflate fully in low winds

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2. Amazonas Presentz Rainbow Kite Tail

Even if the 75-foot kite tail from Prism isn’t long enough for your kite, you can always go for the rainbow kite tail from Amazonas Presentz. At approximately 98.5 feet long, this kite tail is the longest one on our list. It can add a lot of weight to your kite, which makes it perfect for use on larger stunt kites.

This flat tail also needs a decent breeze to fly properly because it’s so long. Made of ripstop nylon, this kite tail boasts of durability. You wouldn’t have to worry about it getting ripped even if it gets caught between branches. It comes in a combination of bright colors that make it stand out as you fly it in the air.


  • Affordable
  • Longest kite tail on the list
  • Durable ripstop nylon material
  • Bright colors for increased visibility


  • Needs a decent breeze
  • Sewing is flimsy
  • Frays easily

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3. In the Breeze Colorful Kite Tail Set

The most affordable kite tail on our list, this 6-foot tail from In the Breeze is an excellent option if you’re looking for lighter tails to use on smaller kites. It is a combination of five 2-inch-wide tails in bright, easily visible colors. This creates an attractive visual effect when you get it up in the air. Plus, it’s flexible enough to be used on both single-line kites and stunt kites.

This kite tail is made of durable, ripstop polyester fabric that’s resistant to stain, mildew, and UV so you can trust its ability to withstand exposure to the elements. In addition, In the Breeze has made some improvements to the tail edges in response to the popular fraying issue. The edges have now been heat treated to prevent easy fraying.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for smaller kites
  • Colorful visual effect with five attached tails
  • Durable ripstop polyester material
  • Material is resistant to stain, mildew, and UV
  • Heat-treated edges to prevent fraying


  • Too light for larger kites

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Bottom Line

When you’re in the market for quality accessories for kites, you should first consider what kite you have and what kind of flying experience you want. You definitely need a strong kite line, but you may not necessarily need a kite tail if your kite can easily balance on its own. So you shouldn’t spend your money on stunt kite accessories that you don’t really need.

Carefully consider all the products we’ve discussed in our list and see if there’s anything that will help you get a better flying experience.

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