The Baltic Bircher Crokinole Board Review1 min read

The Baltic Bircher from Crokinole Canada is nearly tournament size with 25.5 inches of playing surface and is hand made in Canada from birch and cherry. Given it’s large size this board is perfect for families who are new to the game and want a real wood crokinole board set

This crokinole board features a very smooth surface along with latex covered brass screws. The ditch is stained a darker red burgundy (a touch lighter in color than the photo portrays). 

The point numbers on this board are large in size and helpful for beginners learning how to score a crokinole round. Also, the height of the playing surface is 3/8ths of an inch which ensures the discs that are knocked into the ditch remain in the ditch and don’t come back on the play surface.

The board also has a large checker / chess board on the back. While this board isn’t round or completely tournament specification, it will do the job for any family wanting a great game for home play.


  • Real wood, Canadian hand made crokinole board
  • Very smooth surface
  • Point numbers and checkers / chess board as well
  • Aesthetically pleasing cherry rails and burgundy stained ditch
  • Large playing area for spacious gaming


  • Not a tournament size board but perfect for families anyways

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